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Access to data is vital in the digital age. It drives scientific advancements, facilitates informed decision-making, prompts innovation and problem-solving, fosters transparency and accountability, and enables social impact and equality. Heath Data Africa is an research and software development initiative to develop intelligent tools for identifying, cataloguing, and analysing data.

Our Focus.

Both the scarcity and abundance of data can present significant challenges. In Africa, accessing high-quality data and valuable insights can be a difficult task. While numerous organizations, particularly in the health sector, have collected extensive data over the years, the question arises: Is this data easily discoverable and utilized to its fullest potential?

This is where our expertise and interest lie — we are here to assist you in the discovery, intelligent organization, and effective utilization of data. We are excited to share some of our ongoing projects, but we also encourage you to reach out and inform us about your specific needs and interests. Together, we can harness the power of data for maximum impact.


Our Work.

Data Cataloguing

This is a catalog with news and journal articles focussing on COVID-19 in Malawi and Kenya. You can use this to understand key trends in the flow of information and research over the three waves of COVID-19 in the two countries. read more



This is an application based on a collection of disease surveillance questionnaires and their fields used across the world including Malawi and Kenya. The tool enables the standardisation of questionnaire elements and does that by leveraging LLMs. read more



IntelSurv is an intelligent assistant to health professionals who collect disease surveillance data. Using the power of LLMs combined with our knowledge base, the tool answers questions about form fields, how to fill in data, what suitable case definitions apply and explains health terms such as symptoms and underlying conditions. read more

Data Ware-Housing

Data Standardisation & Ware-Housing

Within the INSPIRE Network we used the OHDSI ecosystem for data standardisation and predictive analysis tools to facilitate a federated approach to data sharing and analysis. read more

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Our Work

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